Defense One: Risk Awareness and Basic Physical Defense (3 hours)
Learn to identify and avoid risks to your safety in daily life as well as basic physical defense techniques for resisting and escaping an attack. Physical defense techniques are appropriate for all experience levels ages 12+, no prior training is required.  

Defense Two: Intermediate Physical Defense (2 hours)
Includes a review of all Defense One techniques, an introduction to non-lethal weapons (pepper spray, stun gun, kubaton, personal alarm), and additional physical defense techniques. Defense One required. 

Defense Three: Advanced Physical Defense (2 hours)
Includes a review of all Defense One and Two techniques as well as additional close-quarters and ground defense techniques. Defense Two required. 

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Defense One: Risk Awareness and Basic Physical Defense (3 hours)
Midtown location (her Elevated, 1900 28th St, Sacramento, CA 95816)
$40 - Reservation Required, click on preferred date below for pay link to reserve your spot.
(A confirmation email will be sent as soon as spot is reserved)

​book your own group:

If you have a group and you'd like to schedule a studio date for a private group training, please reach out and let us know. Pricing for private group training is dependent upon studio and group size. 


Get Your group Together! We come to you.

You and your group will have fun learning how to protect yourselves in a supportive and empowering environment and you'll all feel safer knowing you have options available to you in case of attack. Or, you may benefit from the extra focus and personalized attention of one-on-one training.  

You provide the training area, which should be at least 8' x 8' of open space (or larger, depending on size of group).

on-site rates:
1 student: $175
2-3 students: $90/person
4-5 students: $75/person
6-8 students: $60/person​​