defense education seminar

Spend one to two hours with your favorite group of ladies talking about dangerous risk factors in daily life and how to keep ourselves safer out there. Includes lecture portion as well as an open forum discussion period. 

1 hour: $120
2 hours: $215


Get Your Besties Together!

You and your friends will have fun learning how to protect yourselves in a supportive and empowering environment and you'll all feel safer knowing you have options available to you in case of attack.

Training area should be at least 8' x 8' of open space.

Defense Awareness Training
Reduce your chances of becoming victimized by learning to identify and avoid potential risks to your safety.
Physical Defense Training
Easily employable techniques uniquely designed to utilize the strengths of the female physique.
​Appropriate for ages 14+ and all fitness levels. 

basic defense training - 3 hours 
2-3 students: 
4-5 students: $60/person
6-10 students: $50/person

PRivate training

one-on-one instruction

Book a private seminar and receive personalized awareness training based on your daily activity and schedule. Benefit from the extra focus and attention of one-on-one physical defense training. In just a few hours you will learn the skills that can help save your life. Give yourself the extra edge you deserve and get ready to feel more confident about your safety! Includes both Basic and Advanced Defense Training.

3 hours/$150
Diamond Defense offers:
​Group and Private
Self-Defense Education and Training
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Defense training

for women & girls