Physical Defense Training
Empower yourself with physical options for resisting an attacker 

  • Easily employable techniques uniquely designed to utilize the strengths of the female physique. Appropriate for ages 14+ and all fitness levels. 

Awareness Training
awareness is 90% of self-defense
  • Reduce your chances of becoming victimized by learning to identify and avoid potential risks to your safety.

Diamond Defense was founded in 2009 by Owner/Instructor, Lisa Thew, with the simple mission of providing women and girls in the Sacramento region with access to and empowerment through self-defense training

Our Defense Training Seminars are based in the R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) Systems of Self-Defense.

Through a combination of Awareness Training and Physical Defense techniques we will help you identify potential risks before you become a target and know what your options are for resisting an attack.

Diamond Defense specializes in female-centric self-defense training that focuses on helping women to harness the natural power they innately possess.

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All Seminars include the following: